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This document needs to be read in conjunction with our Market Regulations

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If you intend to sell food at the Market then you must hold a current approval from the City of Sydney (TFP) and a current NSW Food Saftey Supervisor Certificate (FSS).

For more information, please visit:

City of Sydney Requirements:  Click Here

NSW Food Authority Requirements: Click Here

Chinatown Markets Sydney

Stallholder Information Sheet

 This Info Sheet contains the following:

 1: Quick Info Guide

2: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

3: Rules of Operation as directed by the City of Sydney

4: Food Stall Rules

 1: Quick Info Guide


The Market is located in Dixon Street Plaza, Haymarket, Sydney

 Trading Days & Times

Open every Friday.

Trading from 4.00 pm – 11.00 pm

 Set Up and Pack Up

Set up from 2.00pm. Ready by 4.00 pm

Pack Up from 11.00pm. All Stallholders must be off the Plaza by midnight.

 Where to Go, What to Do Info Sheet will be emailed to Stallholders who are approved to attend the Market.

 Stall Fees per Trading Day (incl. GST)

 Casual Table Stall                  $175.00

Regular Table Stall                 $145.00 (you must pay for the full month)

Casual Hot Food Stall             $370.00

Regular Hot Food Stall           $370.00 (you must pay for the full month)

 More info on how to pay via our Online Payment System will be emailed to Stallholders who are approved to attend the Market.

 Payment of Stall Fees

Stall fees must be paid prior to Market Day via our online payment system. Instructions on how to pay online will be supplied to you when you receive confirmation of approval to trade at the Market.

 Regular Stallholders Rebooking Refunds & Credits

Stall fees may be credited to another week ONLY IF bookings are cancelled by Tuesday 5.00pm prior to Market Day. Stall Fees are not refundable.

 Regular Stalls

Please note that there are no “permanent spaces” at the Market.

 Public Liability Insurance

If you DO HAVE your own public liability insurance:

Please attach a scanned image of the certificate when completing our online Application Form. Alternatively, bring a copy of your public liability insurance certificate and show it to the Site Manager. As a Casual Stallholder, you need to bring the certificate with you each week.  

 Remember: No Paperwork, no Discount!

 If you DO NOT have your own cover: $5.00 extra on Stall Fee

You will be covered by the Market Insurance Policy and will be required to pay an additional $5.00 per week on the Stall Fee. The Market Public Liability Insurance Policy provides $20,000,000.00 cover with a $5,000.00 excess.

 Stallholders MUST have their own insurance if they sell certain products (see below)

Please note that it is a strict requirement that a Stallholder must have in place a public and product liability policy with a minimum of $10 million cover in the Stallholder’s name if the Stallholder offers for sale any of the products listed below.


  • Second hand electrical goods and toys
  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Medicines, Potions, Oils, Fragrances and Soaps
  • Massage, manipulation of muscle, chiropractic or similar
  • Hot Food

A copy of the Insurance Certificate of Currency must be supplied to the Manager before a Stallholder may trade at the Market. It is the responsibility of the Stallholder to ensure that the insurance is renewed and remains current for the term that the Stallholder undertakes Trading Activity at the Market.


Stallholders must bring their own standard size tables. We do not provide tables for regular stallholders.

The table size is 1.82 m X 0.72 m and can be purchased from stores such as Bunnings, Mitre 10, etc.

 Access to Power

A single 10 amp power socket will be made available to each Stallholder. Further information regarding power use will be supplied when you receive confirmation of approval to trade at the Market.

 Where do I park?

Unloading Spaces are available at Little Hay Street and Kimber Lane. Stallholders may only use these spaces during set up and pack up. Once you finish unloading, you MUST drive out of the market and find a parking nearby. You may not leave your car in these spaces during trading hours.

 Rubbish & Waste

All rubbish, waste and packaging must be taken away with the stallholder. Bins provided DO NOT cater for stallholders’ rubbish. The stall site must be left in the condition it was found.

Bad Weather Policy

The Market is conducted in the open air and will operate in varying weather conditions including wet weather. It is the responsibility of the Stallholder to bring their own covers, and other equipment for the purpose of protection in adverse weather conditions. The Market will NOT be cancelled in the event of wet weather.

 No credits or refunds are issued in the case of bad weather on Market Day. Please do not apply for a stall unless you are prepared to take the risk on weather.

Refund Policy – Regulars

Stall Fees are payable in wet weather regardless of whether the Regular elects to trade or not.

This is part of the terms upon which a Regular Stallholder books a pre-designated stall location. The stall location is reserved and held for the Stallholder until 4.00pm. Stallholders should not book a stall as a

Regular Stallholder unless they are prepared to take the risk on the weather. You may avoid the risk of forfeiting your stall fees should you elect not to trade in wet weather by booking as a Casual Stallholder.

What happens if the weather deteriorates during the day?

Pease note that NO refunds are issued to any Stallholder who trades and the weather deteriorates during the day.

Eligibility Criteria

We anticipate that there will continue to be a very broad range of products on offer and we will be actively encouraging applications for stalls demonstrating authenticity, innovation and original design.

Counterfeit products will not be tolerated and monitoring takes place throughout the day.

 All stallholders who wish to trade are required to apply to be a stallholder via our website.

 2: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q         When and where are the Markets held?

A         Chinatown Markets are held every Friday from 4pm -11pm in Dixon Street Mall, Sydney.

Q         Where can I get more information?

A         Information about the Chinatown Markets Sydney is available at

  Specific information relevant to stallholders is available on:

 You can also check out the latest information on our Facebook page:

 Q         How do I apply for a stall in the new Market?

A         Go to the Stallholder Section of our Website: and Apply Online.

 Q         I don’t make my own designs, can I still get a stall?

A         Yes, the Market will continue to permit stallholders selling other people’s designs and imported products.

 Q         I sell products made overseas, can I still get a stall?

A         Yes, the Market will continue to permit stallholders selling other people’s designs and imported products.

 Q         Where will my stall be allocated?

A         Causal stallholders will be allocated on the day. Please check with the site manager when you arrive at the market.

 Q         What should I do after I pay for a stall?

A         Once you have made payment, your stall is confirmed. Please email us and ask for Where to Go, What to Do Info Sheet for your first attendance.

 Q         What equipment will I need to bring?

A         Chairs, display equipment, table covers & tent (with weights)

 Q         How do I get in contact with the Manager of the Market?

A         Email:

Telephone: (02) 9315 7011

Onsite Market Manager's Number: 0478 177 219

 The Site Managers Mobile number is only in use on Market Day (Fridays from 4pm)

3: Rules of Operation as directed by the City of Sydney

 The City of Sydney (“the City”) has appointed Blue Sky Events Pty Limited (“the Manager”) as the Manager of the Chinatown Night Markets. The Manager will have overall control of the operation of the market. Any reasonable demand made by the Manager on a Stallholder must be observed by the Stallholder.

 1              The Manager is responsible for the provision of suitable power to each Stall.

2              No water is available nor will be connected to any Stall.

3              Gas bottles may be used at a participating approved site Stall under the following conditions:

(a)          One (1) Gas bottle only per site Stall.

(b)          The participating site Stall utilising a gas bottle must have an appropriate approved fire extinguisher in an easily accessible position within the confines of the Stall.

(c)           Appropriate floor coverings must be used to protect the ground surface from any damage.

(d)          Any damage caused to the ground surface would be the responsibility of the Stallholder and Manager.

(e)          All care and safety must be maintained at all times.

4              Subject to Rule 3 there must be no naked flame on any Stall or within the market area.

5              All Stall and equipment must be removed from the market area no later than midnight and the Stallholder must thereupon vacate the market.

6              The Stallholder must at all times be able to present their authority to trade.

7              In the event that the City receives any complaint from a shopkeeper in the vicinity, the City has the right to liaise with the Stallholder concerned in respect of that complaint and if the complaint is justified and cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the City then the City shall have the right to terminate the Stall holders permit to operate in the market or at the discretion of the City remove the offending goods from his Stall.

8              The Manager will ensure that infrastructure is installed so as to prevent damage from adverse weather conditions particularly high wind.

9              No Stallholder may bring dogs or other animals, birds, reptiles, or livestock into the market area.

10           Stallholders must remain entirely within the Licensed Area.

 11           No Stall holder may obstruct the free passage of traffic in or around the Licensed Area.

12           Stall holder approval papers are not capable of being assigned or traded. Any approval is personal to the Stall holder.

13           The City has appointed Blue Sky Events Pty Limited as the Manager of the Licensed Area. The Manager will have overall control of the operation of the market. Any reasonable demand made by the Manager on a Stallholder must be observed by the Stallholder.

14           No damage may be caused to any footpath or road surface or to any seat, tree, tree guard or other improvement in the market area.

15           No temporary containers, cardboard boxes, packing cases, packing material or similar receptacles are to remain outside the perimeters of the Stall while the Stall is operating.

16           All signage content and method of attachment must be approved by the City prior to occupation of the site by the market.

17           The Stallholder indemnifies and releases the City from any liability for damage to person or property caused by the Stallholder or resulting from the Stallholder’s Stall, business or activities.

18           A Stallholder must not use any domestic umbrella or table in its Stall.

19           A Stallholder must not display or permit any third party advertising in its Stall.

20           A Stallholder must only sell products and/or provide services approved by the City that are of a high quality.

21           The Manager must or must ensure its Stallholders prior to the end of the Operating Hours remove all rubbish from the Licensed Area that is:

a)            deposited on or around the Licensed Area during the Operating Hours; and

b)            is generated or deposited by the Manager and/or Stallholders.

If the Manager, fails to remove rubbish in accordance with this Rule 21 then the City may carry out the rubbish removal and recover the cost from the Manager as a debt due.

4: Food Stall Rules

If you intend to sell food at the Market, you need to hold an approval from the City of Sydney (TFP) and hold an up to date NSW Food Authority Food Safety Supervisor Certificate (FSS).

 For more information, please visit:

 City of Sydney Requirements:

 NSW Food Authority Requirements:

 Temporary Food

Stall Requirements:         

 The Operator must arrange for each food stallholder to directly apply to the Council’s health unit for a temporary food stall licence. The Operator must ensure that stallholders comply with the performance requirements set out in the temporary food stall licence.  Non compliance of a stallholder with the temporary food stall licence will be an event of default by the Operator.  In addition, breaches by individual stallholders are a finable offence for the individual stallholder. 

 Current temporary food stall rules are set out as an annexure to this document and will be incorporated into the licence.  The Operator must ensure stallholders comply with the temporary food stall rules, as amended by the City from time to time in its discretion.

 Stall  Requirements:              All temporary structures are to be erected in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.

 All mechanical and electrical installations including generators, electrical cabling and any mobile structures are to be surrounded or covered by physical barriers at all times so as to prevent unauthorised access by the public and to protect ground laid cabling from being trip hazards during public occupation of the site.

 All electrical connections are to be in accordance with Australian Standards and certified by a certified licenced contractor.

 Appropriate fire fighting equipment is to be available at all times including fire extinguishers and fire blankets. All stalls providing cooking facilities or a naked flame must have fire extinguishers and fire blankets within the stall area.

Food stalls must provide protective non-flammable covering for City’s pavers. Presentation of the stalls must be of a professional standard and domestic grade umbrellas will not be permitted. 

 Annexure 1 – temporary food stall rules


  • A temporary food stall must have a roof and three sides designed to maintain adequate ventilation and protection of food. The stall shall be of plastic or vinyl type sheeting and care must be taken to ensure the stall is stable and secure.


  • An overhead cover must be provided to all cooking areas or food storage areas outside of the stall. This may be achieved by providing a sun shade structure or open sided stalls.


  • A durable dust and moisture cover must be laid over the entire floor area of the stall. A suitable material would be an impervious membrane such as rubber matting.


  • All stall counter surfaces shall be smooth, durable and impervious. Surfaces can be covered with plastic or plastic table cloths to meet this requirement. Surfaces that cannot be easily cleaned, such as wood, will not be accepted.


  • All power and gas service leads must be secured.


Cooking Equipment


  • Heating and cooking equipment must be located within the food stall. The equipment must be located so that the public are protected from hot appliances.


  • The food stall must be of adequate size and height to provide a safe and comfortable work area. Appliances that produce heat and flame must be located away from the walls and lower roof area of the stall.


  • Open flame barbecue cooking plates, char grills and cookers that use hot coals can be located externally and adjacent to the food stall and must be barricaded to prevent public access. An overhead cover must also be provided.


  • A fire extinguisher of adequate size must be provided in a convenient and accessible location.


  • All BBQ residues must be collected in drip trays


Protection of Food


  • All food on display must be either: 1. wrapped or packaged; or 2. completely enclosed in a suitable display cabinet; or 3. be protected by a physical barrier such as Perspex glass sneeze guard or clear plastic siding to the stall or 4. located so as not to be openly accessible to the public.


  • All food must be stored inside the stall and must be raised approximately 750mm above the ground. All food must be kept wrapped, packaged or in enclosed containers. Food should be protected from damage and direct sunlight.


  • All food deliveries to the stall must be kept wrapped, packaged or in enclosed containers to protect from contamination.


  • Single use eating and drinking utensils, straws, etc, shall be pre-wrapped or adequately protected from contamination.


  • All condiments such as sauce, mustard, etc, must be kept in squeeze type dispensers or in individual sealed packets.


  • Smoking is not permitted inside or at the rear of the food stall.


  • All food handlers must be appropriately dressed with at least head covering, clean apron and enclosed shoes.


Rubbish Disposal

  • The stall is to be provided with a garbage bin for the storage of the stall's wastes. Separate storage of paper, cardboard or other recyclable material is encouraged.


  • Suitable garbage bins must be provided near the food stall for the public to dispose of used takeaway food containers, drink containers and other refuse.


  • Provision must be made for the storage of waste water and cooking oils generated within the stall.


  • Waste water and oils must not be disposed of into the stormwater system or on the ground. All waste water and oils must be disposed of through a licensed contractor. Fines can be imposed by Council's Officers for incorrect disposal of liquid waste.


Washing Facilities

  • Separate hand-washing facilities must be provided within the food stall. Water is to be dispensed by tap with a single spout into a hand bowl for washing. The waste water is to be disposed of into a waste water container.


  • Alternatively, a maximum of 2 stalls may share a hand wash (station) basin as long as it is located within 5 metres of each stall and it is not obstructed.


  • An adequate supply of warm running water (approximately 400C), liquid soap and disposable paper towels must be provided at each hand wash (station) basin.


Food temperature control


  • All hot food must be kept above 600C. All cold food must be kept below 50C. Chilled food intended to be served hot must be rapidly reheated.


  • All frozen food must be kept below (minus) -180C.


  • All takeaway food prepared at the food stall must be sold immediately unless there is a suitable food warmer or display cabinet in which to keep the food either hot or cold.


  • All raw and perishable foods such as steaks, hamburger patties, seafood and other meat products must be kept in a refrigerated unit such as a portable cool room. Small amounts of these foods can be stored in a portable cooler together with an adequate supply of ice or other cooling for a period of less than 3 hours.


  • Pre-prepared food products or pre-cooked foods which contain fresh cream, custard, cheese or any similar food that promotes bacterial growth must be stored and displayed in a refrigerated unit at a temperature below 50C.


  • Stallholders must possess and use a thermometer that is able to measure the core temperature of food.


  • For events that will last 3 hours or longer, a Cool room (walk in refrigerator) must be provided to ensure all potentially hazardous food can remain under temperature control. A maximum of two stalls to share a cool room within 5 metres of entry point of stall.


  • No drinks are to be placed in a food cool room.


Further information

  • Should the Operator or stallholders require further information on the requirements and facilities permitted for the operation of a Temporary Food Stall, please contact the Health Unit on 9265 9597 or email